This innovative new and advanced Exodontia technique system:

•   Protects the cortical shell, periosteum, and surrounding tissues 

•   Eliminates the use of flaps

•   Limits trauma and bone loss (Eliminated in 86% of non-impacted teeth based on 33 dentists combined statistics,          compared to 11% with conventional extractions)



The Ögram System team of professionals from many scientific, medical, dental and medical engineering disciplines in the U.S. and Europe evaluated tooth extraction techniques commonly used in current dentistry. They determined that current exodontia technique is based on 19th century principles that use excessive strength and force and result in a high degree of surrounding tissue trauma. Most dental schools in the U.S. and Europe still teach students exodontia technique with century old instrument patterns.

Histological assessments of soft and hard tissues surrounding teeth was investigated initially to determine which tissues should be preserved to avoid permanent defects and complicate potential implant surgery. Periosteum and cortical bone were deemed to be the key tissues for preservation. Trauma to these two tissues was found to be the reason for post tooth extraction bone loss. The motion equations were scripted for the technique and finally the instrumentation was chosen for optimal technique delivery. After six years of development with Gunnar Philipp as team leader and lead surgical designer, the team engineered the new exodontia technology known as "The Ögram System".


The Ögram System  is an easy system to learn and impliment for simple and complex tooth removal that protects the cortical shell, alveolus, periosteum, and surrounding bone and tissues - all imperative to today’s implant practices. The Ögram System allows a dentist to remove almost all difficult, non-impacted teeth in 10 minutes or less of technique time with high predictability and without the need of reflecting a flap, trenching, removal of facial cortical bone or excessive instrument forces. No other method currently accomplishes these goals. Simply put, there is no other exodontia method that carries these distinctions offering so much to patients and dentists.


 Learn the step-by-step protocol of the Ögram System from team leader, Gunnar Philipp in this course, that has been attended by more than 50,000 dentists in the U.S. and Europe. The Ögram System has been implemented in dental schools in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, United States and is expanding to other countries.

 The Ögram System offers new possibilities for dentistry and shares very little with traditional technique or logic. About 85% to 90% of the technology will be new to the dental profession. You owe it to your practice and your patients to learn this quick, simple, yet advanced system of gentle tooth extraction that allows you to preserve local anatomy.

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