The Ögram System™ course is a one-day 8-hour CE class with lecture and “hands-on” participation. Natural skulls, models, complete instrumentation, and course syllabus allow each participant to explore Ögram’s bioengineered technology for exodontia. Course material covers simple and complex erupted teeth and some impacted removals. Classes are limited to 15 dentists, please register early. To attend, fill out the registration form on the Course Registration Page or call 940-382-8922 to register. Course locations are held at a major hotel by the course city's airport with free airport hotel shuttle service if needed. 

A sampling of the class:

•   Detailed review of dental anatomy concerning exodontia

•   Medically engineering protocols to simplify tooth removal

•   Micro-motion principles of physics relative to anatomy

•   Multi-axis radiographic assessment for root geometries

•   Predictable new geometric technique for molar sectioning

•   Techniques and instruments that cause unwanted trauma

•   Removal of roots flush with the bone without a flap or trenching

•   Removal of a root tip in 2 to 3 minutes – a single technique –no hand piece

•   Anatomical and physical reasons not to position forceps apically

•   Elevators that cause osseous fracture and soft tissue trauma

•   Identification and use of properly designed extraction instruments

•  State CE 8 Hr. participation credit where applicable



Gunnar Philipp is recognized for his talents and expertise in atraumatic micro-motion surgery design, protocol implementation, and armamentarium analysis. As a renown international lecturer and educator, he combined nearly 40+ years of experience in medical engineering and sciences to design multi-disciplinary surgery protocols. He is a leading international expert for tooth removal protocols and his micro-motion dental protocols are standard among many dental practitioners and dental schools worldwide.

Doctor tuition:  $945.00  -  Chairside Assistant:  $145.00 (highly recommended)  

Doctor Audit Fee:  $525.00  (for our previous course attendees)

Course time:   8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  -  Lunch is provided


Due to COVID-19, we are holding all classes in our headquarter city of Fort Worth, Texas for the foreseeable future.

Given the unpredictable nature of the polices of different cities (and hotels) in reopening their economies, we have found that we are unable to guarantee airline/hotel venues with enough lead time to organize our out-of-town classes. Our class sizes will be smaller and dates for classes will be determined by call-in requests. 

                             2023   Ft. Worth, TX   Course Schedule

Mar.    25                     May        20

Apr.     15                     June       17

Apr.     29                     Sept.       23     

May.       6                     Oct.        14

Private Ögram System Courses can be scheduled 7 days a week

to accomodate special travel needs for other dates.